Valley Music Production

Hear Mixes

Everyone wants to hear their mix engineer’s previous work. Here is where you can hear mine. You can listen to MP3 or high definition WAV files. MP3s are first. Enjoy.

MP3 Samples

Two mixes from live recordings without before and after. These are mixed but not mastered.
This Is How We Overcome

Let the Praises Ring


Before and after example of a live session. First the raw tracks, then the mixed. A return to the raw tracks, and back to the mixed version and out.
Before and After


This is a sound bed I composed for a commercial
Day of Declaration Commercial


Here is a voice over produced with talent available from Valley Music Production
BNA Voice Over


Here is a sample of music I originally composed to go with lyrics from an independent artist.
Island Rest

High Definition Samples

These are the WAV file versions of the tracks above. The audio detail is cleaner and clearer here than in the MP3s. But, MP3s download faster.

This Is How We Overcome HD

Let the Praises Ring HD

Before and After HD


Day of Declaration Commercial HD


BNA Voice Over HD


Island Rest HD