Valley Music Production


Mixing: Rates and Other Information

Welcome to the home of the $29 mix! At Valley Music Production we charge a flat rate for our service. With our simple price structure you can better plan your spending. You know what it will cost before you start.

So how much is a mix? You can get your mix completed for $29 per song. A song can have up to 24 tracks and be as long as five minutes for this rate. Of course, there is some flexibility here.


What You Can Expect

You can expect a professional mix suitable to pass on to your favorite mastering engineer. The file will be an interleaved stereo, industry standard 44.1 kHz, 16-bit WAV file. The file will be delivered without fades and dithering. Fades and dithering belong to the mastering engineer.

Before we get to the final deliverable, you will hear your mix and provide feedback – if needed. We want your mix to make you smile. You can get up to two revisions. Intermediate versions are MP3 format and are encoded for 192 kbps. Delivery will be via Dropbox or

Single tracks can generally be ready within two weeks. Projects with multiple songs will take longer. We will prepare a schedule as part of the agreement. Actual scheduling depends on workload and how quickly you provide feedback.

This is important. If you want to hear your mix loud, turn it up. Mix projects are not as loud as final released tracks. After the mix, the song or songs go to a mastering engineer who performs his magic to ensure that the tracks are balanced together and at industry standard levels. This is where the final loudness level is set. Until your mix reaches that point in production you have to crank up your stereo if you want to hear it loud.

Lastly, you can expect to provide a deposit of 50% when you submit your tracks. That’s $49.50 per song. The balance is due upon receipt of the final deliverable.


What I Expect From You

Our work together is collaborative. Each of us brings something to the arrangement. What I need from you is:

A set of well-recorded, ready for mix, tracks

All of the tracks must start a the same point in time, at the beginning of the recording

All files in WAV format at the same sample rate and bit depth

Sample rate should be at least 44.1 kHz and bit depth should be no less than 16 bits. MP3 files are not suitable

For revisions, please provide notes that describe what you want to change. For example, if the bass is not quite right, say it is too loud, too bright, boomy, or whatever it is you hear. Sometimes, there is just a momentary event. If that is the case, identify a specific point in time where I will hear it. For example, “I think I heard a clicky sound at 1:43.”

Because this is art, please let me know the things you want to be highlighted or most prominent. I want to call attention to the things that are important to you.

Lastly, if you have an artist whose sound is like yours and want me to use them as a guide to the sound, please let me know the artist’s name and the specific track that inspires you.


Things Not Included

In the interest of getting everything disclosed in the beginning, here are some things that are not included in the $99 mix.

Editing. No timing corrections will be made to parts. No note replacement, comping or other editing functions are included.

Arranging. We assume that the tracks are well recorded and arranged to your liking before we get them. Your song should be finished except for mixing and mastering.

Tuning. No pitch correction, auto-tune, or other pitch manipulation will be provided for vocal or other tracks.

Quantization or Grooving. Tracks will not be quantized. No groove templates will be applied.

Basically, if it is not mixing, it is not included.


The End

It seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. It is just really important for you to know what the whole process entails. If we all go in knowing what to do and what to expect, we will all have a better experience. In the end, we will also have a better product.